Tutorial: Adding info to your Profile

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Tutorial: Adding info to your Profile

Post  Erin on Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:59 am

Screen Names:

If you like your screen name, by all means keep it. BUT, if you want to just be known by your name, you are able to change it in your Profile under "Information". You can have your username be whatever you want, so please don't feel obligated to go by what I have on Roll Call!

Other Info:

You can also choose to have other information shown beside each of your posts (right below your name and picture). All you have to do is fill out what you want on the "Information" section of your profile!


Check out this section under your Profile to make sure all the settings are how you'd like them. If you have questions about any of the settings, feel free to PM me (See other tutorial) and I'll help you through them!

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